As Usual, Tehlex is an online and safe place to purchase and sell digital currencies, where Crypto-Currencies has become more mainstream ever since it reached it’s highest peak last year December.

Tehlex has come with different features to satisfy the ever growing customers of Crypto-currencies. Our Products Include as Follows

1 Buy/Sell Of Digital Currency

Tehlex currently supports only Three(3) Crypto-currencies which are Bitcoin,Ethereum,Bitcoin-Cash, More Crypto-Currencies will be supported soon.

2 Exchange of Crypto-Currency

Tehlex Currently offers you the opportunities to easily exchange other crypto-currencies to the ones we support on our platform, it easy very easy to use this feature, what you have to do is just Sign up, deposit the crypto you are willing to exchange using our shapeshift mode, and easily exchange your crypto with ease.

3  Future Contracts

We understand some customers dont like volatility of crypto-currencies, which sometimes can be a little bit scary to them, we also lauched what we call future contract where a customer can buy/sell a contract without having to worry about volatility of their Digital assets.

More Features to come on tehlex in the future…