“Dash Is Coming To Tehlex Soon” Founder Says.

We as a growing exchange have been in talks with @dashpay and dashnation, so we have decided to add dash into our list of supported currencies.

There has been growing demand of dash among the crypto community with the feedback gotten from our esteem users who have been looking for faster confirmations as regards to the bitcoin which scalabilty is a bit slow.

Says Founder(Tehlex)

We hope this will drive more adoption between our customers and improve our user base by taking this decision, it’s a well thought and planned decision and it’s going to give our users the ability to send funds faster and with less hitches.

Dash seems to provide scalabilty, speed and cheaper transaction fees which seems to be the wants of an average Crypto user, with the support of dash on tehlex, we would be reaching out to a whole new market and user base.

Dash we hope will open a whole new world of Cryptocurrency and taking us one step closer to achieve our goals of “Revolutionizing blockchain commerce” and bring about mass adoption of crypto to the blockchain space.

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