I may not be a prophet,but as a business analyst and an expert in that field,I can predict the business world in the coming years.Out of everything in the business world,I have decided to pick out bitcoin which is one of the fastest growing assets in the digital business world in particular.

Investors,wise people,business minded people,and people who are eager to make it in life should listen with rapt attention,read this post as if it is your life,and don’t forget to thank me later.

To show you that bitcoin has a great prestige,billonaires like Bill Gates,Sir Richard Branson,Eric Schmdt are big bitcoin enthusiast and are rummored to have acquired bitcoins.

Does Bitcoin have a bright future in Africa?

Due to certain circumstances,Africa has proved to be the most backward continent in the world.While the western world advances daily in technological and digital expeditions,Africa is left to wait about 10 years or more before they join the expedition.

The likes of internet,android phones,plasma tv’s,mobile banking are examples.Those who tapped into these mediums made money and were glad they did,these is thesame thing that would happen to bitcoin,but bitcoin would have more adverse effect as it is even a medium of point.

It is not until you travel to Europe,Asia or America or you wait till Jumia start demanding bitcoin as a medium of payment that you would tap into these golden opportunity called “Bitcoin”.

Me and my team did a research on bitcoin and it’s future in africa,and our research showed that by 2025,70% of all shopping outlets in Africa would start accepting bitcoin as a medium of payment.As an evidence,some private outlets in South Africa now accept bitcoin as a medium of payment,though bitcoin has not been recognized by the South African government.

Nigeria is driving on a cashless policy in order to reduce criminal vices,bitcoin is an important factor in the cashless policy, and the Nigerian government is likely to adopt bitcoin payment in 2022.When these happens,only the wise ones would be glad they engaged in bitcoin trading.

Lastly,there are only a maximum of 21 million bitcoins to be mined and currently,15 million are in circulation,that means that 74% have been mined,so the earlier you start,the better.

According to the popular saying “a word is enough for the wise”,if you want to celebrate tommorrow with the likes of Bill Gates,then join the blockchain revolution called “Tehlex”.

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