Tehlex is a blockchain company based in Lagos, Nigeria and reaches the needs of all nationalities.

Tehlex is not as old as other blockchain platforms, but the feat it has achieved in few months,no blockchain based company in the history of the business world has done that within such limit of time.

Just few months after we launched, many media outlets recognized our company and tagged us as “the saviour of the business world”, we have come to “revolutionize blockchain commerce”.

Throughout these months, we have gone into patnerships with reputable brands (Like Cryptohub, Paylot, Trade-index).

Every good business mind knows that before a company agrees to go into partnership with one another, they must have qualified for financial trust and other requirements and all that tehlex fulfilled.

New features will be rolling out next year and we will be releasing our indigenous wallet, a new user interface and a crypto-commerce.

The founder of tehlex has also made things to go so well, that there have been thanks and appreciation from customers, due to the fact that tehlex has a strong security assurance unlike some fake blockchain websites which rips off billions of dollars from customers annually.

Apart from these, tehlex runs an academy on where the founders takes you on a drill on the A-Z of the crypto world and makes you to know when to invest. All these has not been achieved by many blockchain companies in such limit of time.

Due to these, tehlex makes it easier for transactions to take place, tehlex removes ignorance, though based in Africa, but they reach the needs of everyone regardless of race, tribe, nationality, we make sure you are satisfied, we are truly “the saviour of the business world” as they want to make it easier for merchants and customers to transact with the crypto-currency medium.

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