It’s no news we have been doing everything humanely possible to give you a seamless experience when you come into our platform, it’s not a days job but continuous improvement makes us better.

That is why we have taken out time to give you 10 good reasons to make use of our exchange today, we hope you do enjoy it’s because it’s a 5mins read.

  • (1) Tehlex is about to create the first Artificial Intelligence Powered Exchange in Africa.
  • (2) Tehlex offers a very flexible feature that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies and digital assets with minimal fee.
  • (3) Tehlex offers a collection of payment routes like paylot, netletter, also bank transfer, e.t.c. for easy funding of your tehlex account
  • (4) Tehlex has gone into patnerships and is also going into patnerships with lots of African and Foreign Blockchain Companies, you would therefore be able to buy goods online faster,and do other things profitable to you.
  • (5) Tehlex has a strong customer support service that enhances faster trading. Immediately you file a report, a work would be done on your report, and in a couple of minutes you would be responded to. There are also lot of options you can communicate with us, such as giving us calls, direct email us or have a live chat with us.
  • (6) You can easily withdraw funds straight to your fiat bank account without any delay.
  • (7) Our affilitiate program makes it possible for you to be paid when the person you introduce to our company becomes a user and credits his/her tehlex account.
  • (8) Tehlex is working with some administrations in Africa to build the African Digital Space and wants you to be part of these exciting journey.
  • (9)With tehlex, you can easily transfer money to your loved ones or any body around the globe without much stress.
  • (10) Tehlex is looking for young and smart brains to develop,trading with tehlex and meeting their requirements can guarantee your inclusion in their project.

These are the reasons why you should trade with tehlex in 2019. We at tehlex are expecting to see your beautiful faces next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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