2018 ended with a lot of feasible achievements from tehlex, but remember, tehlex promised it’s customers a better year with the aim of revolutionalizing blockchain commerce.

Few bold steps taken by tehlex this first week of the year shows a promising future for tehlex this 2019.

Just this week,Trade Index partnered with tehlex in order to “revolutionize blockchain commerce”.

About Trade Index:

Trade Index is a blockchain company based in Estonia, a country in Northern Europe.

Their goal is “to remove barriers and make online trading and investing more accessible to everyday’s user”, they also have a vision to open the global electronic market for everyone to trade and invest in a simple and transparent way, the same thing tehlex is doing.

Trade Index has in its custody, over 300,000 digital accounts.

Just as tehlex is the saviour of the African Business world and is aspiring to be the best in the world,so is European Blockchain Giants and saviour of the European Business World,Trade Index.

Similiarlities Between Tehlex and Trade Index:

Most times, when companies go into partnerships, they have something in common.

This is the case of tehlex and trade index which is outlined below:

*Tehlex aims is to make online trading and blockchain commerce more accessible by ” revolutionalizing blockchain commerce”, the same with Trade Index

*Trade Index makes it easier for you to buy and sell electronic assets, the same with tehlex.

*Just like tehlex, trade index has an academy to educate people on the A-Z of blockchain technology in other to ensure wise trading.

*Tehlex and Trade Index are always plain and straight forward, as they advise you that your investments should be an amount you will not be affected if it enters risk unlike some dubious blockchain companies.

*Tehlex is the saviour of the African Business World, and Trade Index is the saviour of the European Business World.

*Tehlex and Trade Index have a standby customer care service that replies customer petitions and questions in minutes.

* Trade Index and Tehlex have a lot of cryptocurrencies to buy and sell at your disposal.

The simmiliarlities between Trade Index and Tehlex are visible and inexhaustible.

The fact that they have patnered with us shows that there is a bright future for tehlex.

Don’t forget to go to www.tehlex.com and continue trading as you enjoy the feeling of partnerships between two giants.

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