Bitcoin as we all know is the leading cryptocurrency with millions of users.

While countries like Australia,China,US,Japan,e.t.c use bitcoin as a means of payment in their commercial sector,African commercial sector hardly or doesn’t accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Nevertheless,few companies in Africa’s most populated country,Nigeria now individually accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

In this post,we are going to list 10 companies that accept bitcoin as a means of payment in Nigeria.

(1) SHOPNOW.ng:

Shop now is a local shopping directory founded in 2009 in California but has branches in Nigeria,Uk,US and Ghana.

Items that can be bought on shop now are accessories,phone,e.t.c.

As at last year,shop now announced their acceptance of bitcoin as a means of payment.

(2) KONGA.com:

Konga.com is a Nigerian e-commerce company founded on July 2012 at Gbagada,Lagos.

Various categories of goods can be bought on Konga.

Konga is rummored to have over 280,000 customers annually which has made it one of Nigeria’s biggest e-commerce outlet.

In 2018,Konga adopted bitcoin as a means of payment.

(3) JUMIA:

Jumia is an online marketplace where electronics and fashion among others are sold.

Jumia has partnered with over 50,000 African Countries.

Jumia was founded in 2012 in Lagos, and currently has branches accross 14 African Countries.

In 2017,Jumia started accepting bitcoin as a means of payment.


Slipmart is an e-commerce outlet which sells mobile phones,laptops,baby food,e.t.c.

It was founded in 2013 in Lagos,Nigeria.

Slipmart is one of the most strict companies that accept bitcoin in Nigeria.

Using bitcoin to shop online at slipmart is therefore allowed.


Simple pay is a Nigerian electronic payment solution based in Ikoyi,Lagos.

In 2014,Simplepay announced the use of bitcoin as a means of payment.


This is one of the first Nigerian Shopping outlets to accept bitcoin.

Minku design was founded by Kunmi Otitujo.

Minku designs sell clothes online,and they started accepting bitcoins in 2014.

(7) REGALFLOWERS.com.ng:

Regal flowers is a Nigerian company that sells fresh flowers online and delivers them within and outside Lagos.

Regalflowers accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

(8) NERVE:

This is a mobile phone company founded by a Nigerian and Chinese.

Payment for this phones are done online using bitcoin.


This is an online and offline e-commerce outlet situated on 56,Ijaiye Road,near Tantalizer,Ogba,Lagos.

Electronic gadgets can be bought here using bitcoin.


Cloudsms is the most reliable bulk sms service provider in Nigeria that also allows you to send bulk sms to any country in the world.

They provide end to end resellers platform,also you can enjoy this services by bitcoin.

From this list,we can deduce that in the next ten years,bitcoin would be accepted by everybody in Nigeria.

In order not to be in the bandwagon of the “had i known” set of people.

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