Since August 2018 when Tehlex was launched,there have been recommendations and satisfactory comments about this exchange from both customers and the International Media at large.

This newly established exchange grew at a very fast pace such that by December 2018,tehlex surparsed every exchange in Africa to be the best blockchain exchange in Africa.

According to Blockchain Analysts,there are a lot of features which makes Tehlex undeniably the best in Africa,these features include:

(1) An Academy:-

Tehlex has an academy where Tehlexers (Tehlex Users) get to know everything about blockchain and Crypto technology on their PC and Mobile Phones without going for blockchain lessons,or going to register with Universities that run degrees on blockchain.

The good thing about this academy is that it is free as long as you sign up with Tehlex.

(2)Artificial Intelligence (AI) :-

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence.

Tehlex launched Artificial Intelligence on January 24,which shocked the whole world as Tehlex was the first African Exchange to adopt artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence aids a user to make strong decisions,display fiscal price to the customer,e.t.c.

(3)Business Partnerships with Strong Companies:-

In just a space of less than one year,Tehlex has gone into partnership with strong firms such as Estonian Giant Exchange,Trade Index,African E-Commerce Giant,Paylott.

This has kept Business analysts wondering,while Tehlex continue to enter into partnerships

With this,many tehlex users can easily transact with these firms faster than their counterparts in other exchange.

(4) 24/7 Standard Customer Care Services:-

Tehlex has a fast responsive customer care which responds to customers in just matters of minutes.

A lot of customers have commended this strong rarely seen customer care service.

(5) Affiliate Program:- Tehlex has an effective affilitiate program where you earn 1% of your refferal transaction on Tehlex. To join the affilitiate,when you login to your account,click on the menu bar and go to the affiliate program,copy the link and share it round through your social media handles.

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