Tehlex Exchange as we know is an exchange where cryptocurrencies and digital assets are traded.

Tehlex according to media observers and bitcoin analysts is the best exchange in Africa.

But do you know how to make more money than you realize from your trade on tehlex?

Most of us don’t know,but there is a genuine way.

What is the way?

It is called tehlex refferal or affiliate program.

What is tehlex refferal program?

Tehlex refferal program is a program in which when you introduce a friend or family member to tehlex,and he/she buys from tehlex,you the referrer would earn 1% of what the person does on tehlex.

How do I participate?

First step:- Login into your account or sign up if you don’t have an account at

Second step:- Click on the menu bar at the top right of the website or you would see an option written “Affilitiate Program” depending on the gadget you are using.

Third step:- Clink on the program and copy your refferal link.

Last step:- Share on your social media handles and make cool cash.

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