Cards Payments Is Live.

Good day to you, I know you’d be surprised to see me writing today well I am too because it’s been months I did this but I’m back, and I will be doing this often to help all tehlex users grow and learn from this emerging industry.

So let’s get down to the sole purpose of this post, as you can see in the headline, we’ve activated CREDIT/DEBIT CARD payment Method, it wasn’t an easy task but we sure did it to make your stay on tehlex seamless, because we made a promise to you.


So in making this a reality, we had to go through many payment gateways whose’s charges were reasonable, provides top-notch security, and also provides a seamless way to pay online, we finally decided to go with FIDELITY PAYGATE AND PAYSTACK.

Fidelity Paygate



                          REASONS WHY WE CHOSE THE TWO

  1. Security: These two payment gateways had the best security that fits our business model and offered the best security practices and are top of their game when securing customer’s online transactions. 
  2. Convenience: They both offered convenience which we wanted our users to get when trying to pay for our products online.
  3. Flexibility: Both offered a flexible way to secure payments online, with their payment link options like Email, SMS, Social Media, BBM or WhatsApp you can easily send payments with the need to log into your tehlex account.
  4. Easy Integrations for our Developers: Their API’s was very easy for our development team to integrate into our exchange with less hassle in understanding the codes.
  5. Seamless: We understand you want your payment experience to be smooth like a trip to the Virgin Islands, that’s why we opted for the best in the game.

So with this said, you can now pay for your digital assets from anywhere in the world with your Credit or Debit cards, in a secure, fast and easy way.


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