A New Kid In The Block

Good afternoon folks,

So I was having a conversion with a very good friend and business partner Nkanu Achi (Founder Nairapro) and he wanted to know what tehlex was all about, anyways I happen to be the founder/CEO Tehlex worldwide which is the parent company of Tehlex Exchange and Tehlex mart.

I think that’s enough about tehlex, let’s get back to the story, so Nkanu asked “You have not explained to me what this tehlex is all about”, Firstly I was marvelled not by that rhetoritical question, but by we got a fellow business partner attention and wanting to get to know about us, I was very excited so instead of doing the traditonal way of sending hndreds of words through text, I sent him a copy of our pitch to save the both of us more questions, and time while we continue minding our businesses, 6mins later we got a reply from him saying “GOOD ONE”, we felt good but i asked myself good isn’t great because tehlex wasn’t built to be just good, we want to a great company so we asked him further questions “Is it making sense” at this point we were referring to the pitch that said all about us, then he said “Yea”, we still weren’t impressed, we wanted to hear feedback that we can both be proud of and feel inspired to do more, then we went for the bulleyes mega question and Asked him “Thank you very much for the feedback, Is TEHLEX something that can be better than LUNO”?


If you want a copy of our pitch you can reach out to us on

Facebook @TehlexWorldwide

Instagram @Tehlexworldwide

Twitter @Tehlexworldwide

If you truly and I mean truly want to see his last reply, the proof of the conversion and transcript of the conversion will be on our social media pages.

Thank you as you visit them.

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