All that matters is the solution.

Good morning guys, yes I wrote this post at around 1:54 am today, so something unique happened between our CFO(chief financial officer) and me (Ceo) this morning, this story promises to be interesting, do enjoy the read.

So I was busy attending to our Facebook page @Tehlexworldwide when our Cfo chatted our business line on WhatsApp(ie +2348078665966) at exactly 11:56 pm, he had some bitcoin to sell, I could have told him to use but I didn’t want to sound too formal, I went ahead with the peer to peer means, which happens to be one of the reasons bitcoin was actually developed.

So I had to tell him the equivalent rate as of today been 14th January 2020 which was 350/$ and he said he had 410$ in his bitcoin wallet which he wanted to sell in exchange for fiat ie(Naira).

After so some of few negotiations, oh yes our cfo always negiotiates in everything, even when it comes paying for a cup of coffee, that’s his superpowers if i’m permitted to use the word for those who don’t believe in super hereos and could be reading this story someday, i’m deeply sorry, so back to the storyline, after finally negotiating, we both reached a conculsion that the sole reason for him selling the bitcoin for cash was because of a pending issue to sort out at the hospital, so basically he was out of cash and hospitals don’t accept bitcoin Yet, they kind of believe in the cash system of payments.

At that moment tehlex was the solution he needed and he needed a safe way to transact, then I told him I would charge our 0.9% charge on his 410$ because he was inconveniencing me at that time of the night, C’mon I know some of y’all would be pissed that I charged my fellow team member 0.9%, I had literally to charge because all that mattered him now was the SOLUTION.

Oh yes, he got his Credit Alert in less than 2 mins.

You can Find call our CFO on 07052283048

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