About Tehlex

A Brief history About Tehlex

Tehlex Was founded On The 24th Of August 2018, Tehlex Is a digital currency Platform where consumers can transact digital Currency that is supported by us and they are “bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ethereum”.

Tehlex is simple and mobile friendly exchange which was born on human values and ethics, to provide a seamless and easy way for newbies, and professionals to be able to BUY,SELL AND ALSO EXCHANGE cryptocurrencies.

Tehlex is a platform that is powered by blockchain tech to revolutionize blockhain commerce.
Tehlex is a platform that was built and developed with top programmers and developers, Tehlex is on a mission to provide a seamless exchange to the world at a large.


Our Mission Is to revolutionize the blockchain Commerce Space.
Imagine a world where buying and selling is as fast,cheap and global as sending a mail.
So its our mission to make buying and selling Fast, cheap and HIghly secured, (Just like the internet Did by changing the way information was being disrtibuted).
Tehlex Uses the blockchain tech because of its distributed nature , tehlex utilized the blockchain to provide you a seamless, Trusted, Secured and Easy way to commercialized today.

Our Priorities.

1 Be the Most Easiest Platform
Blockchain is a powerful Technology, but Its benefit is not easily accessible to people unless we make it easy for people to use because of its technicality.
2 Be the most Innovative
Tehlex excels in developing marvelous Products that bring the benefits of Crypto-currency which is one of the products of blockchain to you.
3 Be the most secured
Security is one of a human need, because every human wants to be secured, That is why we filter every decision we make through the question “Does this make Us become the most secured brand in the blockchain Space”
Security is one of the Sum of customers interaction with us as a brand, it requires us to be world class at SECURITY,TECHNOLOGY, CUSTOMER SUPPORT, DESIGN AND MORE.

4 Be Among The Trusted.

Trust is another need humans want, and because human can fault this trust, that is why we utilised blockchain to take care of this trust, because blockchain is a trustless and cannot be cheated or defrauded, So with tehlex, leave the trust to the Nodes of the blockchain to handle.

Tehlex Values.

1)Clear Communications Tehlex Also has Wonderful customer care to provide customers a platform to complain incase they encounter any issues accessing our exchange.
2) Always Innovative
3)Efficient Executions
4) Continous Learning.